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financial assistance

Tuition assistance is available and can be applied for on a confidential basis. Applications for tuition assistance are available for download here: 


Tuition Assistance Application (PDF)

Bowen offers tuition assistance to enable children of economically disadvantaged families to benefit from Bowen’s cooperative learning environment and to diversify the preschool.

To Qualify for Tuition Assistance:

●     A student must be currently enrolled or applying for admission for the following year

●     There must be a demonstrated need for tuition assistance according to the financial documentation required for consideration


Criteria Used to Assess Need

●     Family income from all sources

●     Family expenses

●     Current debt burden and payments

●     Available non-retirement assets


●     New and returning families may apply for tuition assistance when submitting their child’s enrollment application

●     Applications are available on the Bowen website, or upon request to the Director

●     The deadline to submit applications is May 1st, for the following school year

●     Applications will be reviewed by Bowen’s tuition assistance committee, composed of the Director, the President, the Assistant President, the Treasurer and the Assistant Treasurer

●     Each family must reapply for a new school year, regardless of whether the family’s income or financial status has changed

●     Preference is given to currently enrolled families

●     Applications received after May 1st will be considered if funds remain available

●     Families will be notified of tuition grant decisions in writing by May 15th

●     Bowen cannot guarantee any tuition assistance will be granted or renewed, regardless of a family’s income or financial situation

●     If an outstanding balance on current tuition payment exists, tuition assistance will be withheld until the account is settled


Calculation of Tuition Assistance

●     If a family's after-tax income is less than approximately $20,000 per person in the household, or the family's net assets (excluding equity in the primary residence) are less than their annual income, the family may qualify for tuition assistance

●     Total funds available are based on previous year’s fundraising

●     The maximum amount awarded to an individual family is determined by a formula based on income, assets, and cost of living allowance

●     If more than one family applies for tuition assistance, the amounts determined by the tuition assistance formula will be prorated for each family

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