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5-Day: Fun with Fairy Tales

Welcome to Catherine's new sister, Joanna! Congratulations to the Messer family on their new member.

This week began our fairy tale unit. We started with the Three Little Pigs. Many books were read, looked at and discussed. The class first dove into the traditional story. Then, we explored variations. In one book, the pigs were very nice and polite, but in another, two pigs were quite rude. The last version was about the Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig. As a class, we talked about the characters, setting, the problem and how it was solved and the differences in the various stories. The children's ideas were charted on paper and hung up near the book area.

We also looked at the sequence of the tale: which house was built first, which second and which last. Also, which house was blown down and what happened to the wolf at the end. Following this, the children created their own straw, stick and brick houses in sequence while dictating their favorite part of the story. The wolf falling in the pot was most popular. These are on our outside bulletin board. Please take a look. On Friday, each child made their own page for our class book based on a book, Huff and Puff.

They get to illustrate the picture and describe what they would blow down. Our flannel board has been busy with little hands maneuvering houses, pigs and a wolf around as they retell the story.

Our math table has been full of engineering discoveries and design challenges. What can you build with just sticks? If you add play dough, does it make it easier, harder, more sturdy? What if you make a house of toothpicks and styrofoam circles: how high can you go? Finally, we tried Legos (bricks) and decided they were the strongest.

The art table was full of puppet making, home design and blowing paint with a straw. Our sensory table began with explorations of what can be moved by air. Many different materials were placed for the children to make discoveries on their own with different sized squeeze bottles. Later on in the week, three pigs and a wolf came to visit with architectural blocks for building.

However, the favorite place this week was the dramatic play area. You could buy tickets for the puppet show, act out the play or be in the audience. There was lots of cooperation, sharing, conversation and fun.

Getting outside is always the best, especially if you can make snow angels or try to dig out a shovel frozen in the ice.

Thank you to the parents for their time and support.

Kindergarten screenings are coming up in the city of Newton. There is a signup sheet by the attendance book. Please write down when your child will be screened and for which school.

I am also preparing for spring conferences on March 15. Please set aside the day on your calendar.

Cathy and Jasmine

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