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Director's Column: A Message from Emily

Because I was out all week with the flu, Nina stepped in, stepped up and stepped above and beyond to do both my job and her own. We’ve switched newsletters this week, and my first order of business is to thank her again, a zillion times over. Usually I’m lucky enough to write the Pre-K newsletter each week from the micro-perspective of our classroom. This week was a chance to think more broadly about Bowen. I realized that one of the many wondrous things about the school is that what you see happening on a micro level also happens every day on a macro level, with Nina’s efforts this week being one of so many examples. We are a community that steps up! When a parent or child is struggling, Bowen rallies around that family. When a teacher turns a year older, Bowen celebrates along with them. When one family can’t find a sitter, another provides carpool/play dates/you name it; we are always up to help fix the problem. When we unite to help families in need, we do so in full force. And that’s exactly what we are trying to teach your children: It sounds like you are encountering a problem...How would you like to fix it? How can we help? So thank you for always being willing to step up, for celebrating the victories (big and small), and for being an integral part of the safety net Bowen families form for each other. And Nina, take lots of naps this weekend - I’ll bring you dinners.


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