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Director's Column: How to Involve Your Children in Charitable Contributions

We wrapped up our Giving Tree drive for Cradles to Crayons last week, and the children have been counting and sorting all the items we received. As we did this, children asked questions about why we collected all these items, who they would go to, and how do we know who needs them? Although they may not completely understand these concepts, as many of them are just beginning to understand that they are part of a larger and more diverse community than they see every day, the seeds we plant now will hopefully take root and sprout as they grow! Most charitable organizations do not have center-based volunteer opportunities for young children, but that does not mean that you cannot involve your children in giving. Here are a few ideas from previous Giving Tree charities:

Birthday Wishes

Build a "Birthday-in-a-Box" for a child in need! You and your child can select and assemble everything necessary for a great birthday celebration, including cake mix, frosting, candles, party hats, balloons and more. Packages are then delivered by Birthday Wishes to the program, agency, motel, or other facility for distribution to families, along with a bag of wrapped gifts for the birthday celebrant.

Pajama Program Host a Pajama Party drive! Help the Pajama Program promote and support a comforting bedtime routine by having your child throw a sleepover or under, where each guest brings a set of cozy pajamas, and their favorite storybook to donate. Once your collection is complete, contact the organization to arrange for a drop off with one of their community partners. Thank you all for your generous donations! I will be delivering the items to Cradles to Crayons this weekend, and I know they will be greatly appreciated. best, Nina

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