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Director's Column: Three Classrooms in One Week - My Favorite Moments

What a week! I am hopeful that we will have all our teachers back soon, but, I will admit, I did enjoy getting to spend time in all three classrooms this week. Here were my favorite moments:

In 3-Day...

  • Building block robots, trucks, and homes for animals with Jax, Natasha, and Will

  • Watching Vivvy and Charlie lead the class in singing "Bonjour" with Steve

  • Helping Olly count 22 days on the calendar

  • Giving Nate, Lilly, and Riya SUPER pushes on the swings

  • Getting handprint high fives from Madeline and Ruby

  • Spinning Atharv on the tire swing

  • Finding koosh animals among the koosh balls in the water table with Lorelai and Emma

  • Making waffle patterns with Simon in red play dough

  • Helping Malia sing her baby back to sleep

In 5-Day...

  • Stamping out our names with Eli and George

  • Coloring friendship chain links with Isla and Nicholas

  • Finishing the Children of the World puzzle with Mae

  • Making cinnamon snow in the sandbox with Sloane and Cecilia

  • Building intricate marble runs with Ariyan and Reid

  • Doing a super speed clean up in the block area with Liam and Lucas

  • Watching Rocco make himself an ottoman to put his feet up in the chill out chair

  • Helping Charlotte write her name on the thank you card to IHOP

  • Celebrating Scarlet's birthday... our first 5-Day 5-year-old!

In Pre-K...

  • Reading Fish is Fish with Emersyn, Hazel, and Hope

  • Hearing Madeline, Rowen, and Nate describe their Jacob Lawrence paintings

  • Getting a hug and a squeeze from Marie Sophie

  • Seeing Lucas offer Story help in opening her yogurt

  • Having a delicious snack of Popcorners and bananas with Ashwin

  • Wondering how close you could get to the sun with Connor, Martin, and Zafi

  • Seeing James make a connection between Journey and Harold and the Purple Crayon

I missed spending time with Stella and Blake, who were in Florida this week... I guess I’ll just have to head back into the classrooms again next week!

Best, Nina

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