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5-Day: Once Upon A Time

The Three Bears came to visit 5-Day, bringing their new friend Goldilocks. Gracie and Selah began the week busy making porridge in the dramatic play. Selah and Jack even tried out the beds, but one was too hard and one was too soft! Brown and white mixes of paint were explored at the easel while Theo and Evan had fun making finger puppets with Jasmine. Iris, Catherine and James delved into the new books in the reading area. At the sensory table, Eliza and Declan acted out the story, taking turns as Goldilocks. Aria and Andrew retold the tale at the flannel board.

The puppet theater had a full house with Antonia, Helena, Theo, Nora and Aria when our special parent puppeteer entered into the play. Many variations of the story were heard.

Each day we came in and the bears were in different areas. We found them in the estimation jars, on the ten frames, by the letters and dotters, for measuring pencils, crayons and shoes! Even for sorting large, medium and small.

Although the bears kept us busy, we were also engaged in a counting heart game with Caroline. Many children wanted to do it more than once. The children drew special pictures for someone they love, decorated special visitor invitations and created heart mailboxes to hang in the classroom. And always building, this week Noah and friends had a great time with the bristle blocks.

We were able to get outside most of the week for sailing a ship or checking out the table where David noticed that what was frozen last week is now floating!

If you want to send in valentines, please do, but refer to the parent handbook regarding policy.

Please check that you have signed in your child's kindergarten screening date.

Lastly, please let Jasmine or me know who the special visitor is by Tuesday so we can make name tags.

Thank you to the parents for all you do for us.

Cathy and Jasmine

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