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Pre-K: Beginning to Read

It was an exciting week in Pre-K, not only because of Valentine's Day but because the class has been working hard to read cvc words! Each day the group worked on building words with the same vowel-consonant ending (e.g. -am, -at, -ag) using "word machines." Students practiced identifying the first letter in the word, naming the phoneme, and blending the beginning consonant with the ending sound. We also used this week to really focus on handwriting, building an awareness of letter spacing in words (if letters are spread apart we can't tell the letters make up a word) and letter formation in relation to the lines on the paper.

We encourage you to utilize these word machines in creative ways at home, as the students have really taken to them!

Recently we have started to incorporate our Magic Tree House stories into our classroom. In our current book, Jack and Annie are at the Great Pyramids, so we have had a few "Can you build a pyramid?" challenges throughout the week. Students also had fun writing the hieroglyphs Jack and Annie had to read during their adventure. We even made paper to look old-fashioned and then re-wrote the hieroglyphs on them!

A special thank you to all of the special visitors and we hope everyone has a healthy, safe, and fun vacation week!

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