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5-Day: Exploring Construction and Tools

5-Day is having a great time jumping into our construction theme. Looking around the classroom this week, children are hammering, building, designing, tinkering and constructing using math concepts, language, problem-solving and science ideas with fine and gross motor skills.

Below is a brief window into our days this week.

Noah, Theo and Declan are checking out the tools and exploring how they work.

Selah is using the screwdriver on a screw, then explaining to Helena what she did.

Evan and Selah are using the brick blocks to create a house.

David and Declan are discussing how many blocks they need to build a garage for the dump truck.

Nora and Helena are designing homes on the light table with magnatiles.

Friends are creating machines with friends using brio blocks.

James and Helena are planning out their building designs before gluing their pieces on.

Gracie and Declan are exploring the screws and testing where they will fit.

Washers, nuts and bolts are in the playdough! Which ones match up?

Jack and Theo are painting a still life of a building under construction from a photo.

Antonia and friends are at the maker station, designing a maze with Jasmine and Ai.

Building challenge: can you build it? Iris and Aria say, "Yes I can!"

Name tower table: whose name can you make? Andrew makes his own!

Class picture: We miss you, Eliza!!

On Thursday, Lunch Bunch had a picnic outside!! I had to include some pictures of the wonderful activities and weather we've been enjoying.

Catherine catching the sun rays.

James and friends digging for treasure.

David and Declan having fun with ramps and balls.

The end of February picnic!!

Showtime starts on Monday. The architectural blocks will come home the day before your child's day. We appreciate your help with this project and know your child will have a great time with it.

The 100th day of school is Thursday. We would love to explore that number on this day and ask you to please send in 100 items in a bag. Many fun and engaging activities are planned.

Please keep March 15th open for conferences. I will set up a sign-up sheet soon.

Next Tuesday, 5-Day switches with Pre-K from 9:30-10:30. Half of the Pre-K class joins half of the 5-Day class in our room while half of the 5-Day class joins the other half of the Pre-K class in their room. The children will be in Pre-K every other week.

The children are truly enjoying the many facets involved in building and constructing. We would love to extend this out and ask for any of the materials listed below that you could share with the classroom to enrich their learning.

-Tissue boxes, paper towel/toilet tissue rolls, recyclables (i.e. cereal boxes), large and small boxes, etc. Our thoughts are to put a construction together and let them figure out how and what will work to keep it up and stay together.

-Nuts and bolts, threaded pipes, items along this line. We are thinking a tinkering table (i.e. how does this work?)

-Pictures you may have of building a home, adding an addition.

-Graph paper, grid paper, blueprints to give them ideas of spatial design outside a building and inside.

Anything you can send would be great. Thank you so much for all you do.

Cathy and Jasmine


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