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Pre-K: Kandinsky, O'Keefe, Klee, and more...

Art- For Kk Week we learned a bit about the lives and work of artists Wassily Kandinsky, Georgia O'Keefe, and Paul Klee. We explored some of their masterpieces and worked hard to practice techniques and found inspiration in the artist's work to create our own.


This week was primarily spent work on subtracting numbers 0-6 using counters, a smash game, and drawing. They practiced reading equations and writing equations!

Can you jump as far as a.... After reading a non fiction book about kangaroo joeys we thought it would be fun to compare our jumps to some animal jumpers (snow leopard, kangaroo, horse, bull frog, arctic hare, gazelle)!

We're Visiting New Zealand!-

Stephen's grandparents currently live in New Zealand and Mike actually lived there growing up as well. The children have had fun exploring artifacts and books from New Zealand and discovering what makes this country unique. Stephen's grandmother came in and prepared us a traditional afternoon tea (with real china!) since New Zealand is in fact a British colony. They enjoyed homemade scones, New Zealand honey, Marmite, kiwi berries, and strawberry-kiwi Snapple. We also watched a quick clip of a rugby game since they are fascinated with the rugby ball in our New Zealand museum and watched some traditional Maori dances, one of which showed the poi being used (a ball on string that we have in our New Zealand museum as well).

Literacy- Introduced 6 sight words, a new Osmo word game focusing on identifying the beginning letter of words, and writing words. In our writing we continue to practice word spacing, writing in lower case, and using the top, dotted, and bottom lines to guide our letter formations.

Other photos-

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