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5-Day: Blueprints and Building Design

5-Day continues to delve deeper into our construction theme. This week, we looked at blueprints and created our own with Legos and white paint. The children also traced blocks to create a design which friends can copy and build. A lot of steps went into this activity: thinking about what to design and moving blocks around to get it just right, placing it on the paper, tracing the blocks, then outlining them in blue marker.

We have big blocks of all different shapes in the block area. These have led to many creative ideas. There are now big wooden blocks, brick blocks and small wooden blocks to construct with. It's been wonderful to watch the cooperative process and imagination in action.

Math concepts have kept the children busy counting shapes, writing the number, adding rolled dice numbers together, which works better for building with play dough (sticks, straws, pipe cleaners or wooden sticks). Literacy has been popular as the children match letters with tools, create letters through various materials and explore many books.

Balancing activities with different sized cups, cards, and plates has been fun in the sensory table as the class creates pyramids of different sizes and shapes. Mid-week, some dirt moved in along with construction vehicles, providing lots of interesting earth-moving activities.

The pancake breakfast was a big success. There is nothing better than eating with friends in your pajamas after a big snow storm. The same day was our 100th day of school; we read books, filled in a hundreds chart with items brought from home, found 100 hidden kisses in our room and made a 100 day garden with our Pre-K friends.

Cathy and Jasmine

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