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Pre-K: Vv Week and the 100th Day of School!

Vv Theme- We started the week out with a virtual field trip to an animal hospital to chat with a real life veterinarian! We got to see the behind-the-scenes rooms and equipment

that aid in the care of our beloved pets. Dr. Field showed us x-rays of a bunny with babies in her belly, a bird with a broken leg, and a dog with a squeaker stuck in his stomach. The students got to ask Dr. Field their questions and then some. It was a great way for students to start exploring in dramatic play where we had a vet office set up. We also squeezed in a letter writing lesson where we came up with a note for Dr. Field and students took turns writing each sentence.

The class also had fun conducting a volcano experiment!

New Zealand Studies- On Tuesday, Grandma Phyllis visited us one more time before she headed back to New Zealand. She read us a Maori tale, we learned about Maori symbols (what they represent and are used for), and made our own Maori symbol necklaces out of clay!

100th Day Celebration- The day was packed with 100 Day challenges and activities, some of which were part of the packet they brought home. Other activities were: Build with 100 cups, Rainbow art with 100 painted dots, 100 finger print garden mural with the 5-Day class, collaging their 100 items, "What would you buy with $100?", and making groups of 10 to build 100 snack items!

#vweek #animals #newzealand

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