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3-Day Soaring

The children are thoroughly enjoying our exploration of outer space. We have had some great conversations about the night sky, stars, planets and the sun. We marveled at the amount of information your children contributed to our discussions. Our dramatic play area has turned into Cape Canaveral with a rocket ship ready for take off at any moment of our day. We have changed our morning song to a blast off countdown and your kids are loving it! We are reading lots of books about outer space!

On Monday we explored moon sand with astronauts. We painted the planet earth using balloons as our paining tools. We worked with unifix cubes to create patterns and did some counting with the children. Our discovery table was filled with the night sky with black beans, sparkly stars, astronauts and space ships. Your children sifted, poured, mashed and explored the materials in ways we hadn’t even anticipated.

The highlight of Monday was our visit from Barn Babies. The children got to play with and hold puppies, kittens, baby chicks, a baby goat and a baby pig. My particular favorite was the baby bunnies swaddled in blankets. We were so proud of how gentle and sweet your children handled the animals, in addition to their bravery and willingness to jump in pens with these spirited little animals!

On Friday we made planets in the most unique way! Children used marbles dipped in paint and placed the marbles on black circles and rolled the marbles around to create some very interesting planets. We have them displayed on our classroom bulletin board. Make sure you come in and take a peek. We also added some science to our unit by mixing moon sand (also known as baking soda) with a variety of colored vinegar to create a really cool fizzy substance.

We had the children working on their 1-1 correspondence at our manipulative table using moon rocks made from aluminum foil. Children placed the moon rocks on the corresponding astronaut labelled with a number 1-10. Some were proud to share their skills with us and allowed us to help them touch each and every moon rock as they counted.

We squeezed a lot into our 2-Day 3-Day week! Emily and I enjoyed seeing all of you at the Bowen Ho-Down!

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