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Finishing up Construction in 5-Day

5-Day started their week cuddling Barn Babies. The children loved holding the kittens, bunnies and chickens. Brushing a pot-bellied pig was a lot of fun, as was playing with puppies and a teething baby goat. After our two day snow break the children had many measuring opportunities. Using cubes, they measured a variety of objects comparing them by size and a self-correcting game which they also enjoyed looking at tall vs. short for comparison. Using their names as measurement, the children looked at how many letters comprised each name, leading to a lot of discussion about longest and shortest, same and different. Six children have 4 letters in their name, and one has nine letters. We then put them on a graph for a visual chart. The children had truck races in the block area. We set up some ramps, paint, paper and trucks. The trucks got dipped in the paint and off they went down the ramp onto the paper. Pipes were added to the tables for some connecting skills and collaborative building. With table top easels, 5-Day pretended to be architects, complete with graph paper, blue marking implements and rulers.

Thank you to all the parents for coming to the conferences and rescheduling when time didn't allow you to come.

Cathy and Jasmine

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