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Pre-K: Cultural Explorations

Around the World: We started the week off with a visit from Miss Vivian from Africa2U. Vivian recently moved here from Uganda and her mission is to share beautiful traditions from all around the continent and help to make these far away countries more accessible to students. Students enjoyed learning dance moves, exploring handmade everyday artifacts, and learning how stories are told through song, dance, and role play by interacting in a story themselves.

We also started our investigation of India by exploring beautiful fabrics, clothing, and materials in our artifact museum. Students loved dressing up and dancing to global music. The class also explored with color powder used in India's Holi celebrations, taste tested naan bread, and had fun exploring spices and herbs that are commonly found in Indian markets.

Storytelling: This week we started rehearsing for our school-wide production of the beloved children's book, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Each student has a role in the performance and created their letter costumes. Note, the performance will be Wednesday, April 11th.

This week's Writing About Reading was Mr. Postmouse Takes a Trip, a story that explores the unique features of different habitats. We have also been observing students re-creating Jack and Annie's Magic Treehouse adventures in dramatic play and on the playground.

Math: Students have continued to practice and understand subtraction and estimation/educated guessing through jellyfish and jellybean activities. Students also worked on building their own addition and subtraction equations.

Additional Photos:

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