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Director’s Column: Spring

Spring is finally in the air! This past week I have been hearing children’s voices and laughter on the Bowen hill after pick up, as we finally emerge from the seemingly endless winter. Apart from a few stubborn piles of snow, it is starting to look and feel like spring.

I was in Pre-K on Thursday and the class broke out into cheers and applause when our temperature reading put us in the “cool” category, instead of “cold” for the first time in a long time! 5-Day has been closely watching this change as they study the weather and seasons. Speaking of closely watching things...very soon 3-Day should be seeing some changes to the eggs that have been living in their classroom over the past week!

Spring also means some special holidays. The children have been telling us about their Easter and Passover plans. We hope you enjoy your holidays, and we will see you back at Bowen on Monday. We will have a special visit from Steve the Scientist, who will be talking about another spring phenomenon... rainbows!



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