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5-Day: Exploring the Seasons

This week 5-Day delved a little deeper into weather and seasons. Our weather station looked at words for the weather and how so many ended in the letter Yy and began with letter Ss. Seasonal puzzles came into the table for cooperative play and we added a giant sun that glows through the window.

With literature and through art, the children created clouds and described what they look like. These beautiful interpretations using puffy paint are hanging outside on the bulletin board. Please take a look when you can. Our light table had been filled with colorful rainbow gems, the easel was full of blue skies and clouds while the children poured and filled different sized containers with blue rice (sky), yellow pom-poms (suns), white cotton balls (clouds) and yellow pipe cleaners (lightning) at the sensory table.

We explored the seasons and how they are different, what we like about each and which is our favorite. Then the class wrote the seasons upon a wheel and added their own drawings to them. I was very impressed with how thoughtful they were in matching their art with the season.

As Easter and Passover approached, the class read stories and created matzo sleeves. Into these sleeves were placed matzo which were then hidden for a matzo/Easter egg hunt on Thursday. Our Chicka-Chicka Boom Boom performance is coming up soon. We created two trees on a table for the children to act out the story on their own. It's a great way to match up lower and upper case letters.

Our crazy weather this week enhanced the learning as we swapped shovels for rakes, saw flowers poking up through the dirt, enjoyed some books on the bench and watched for clouds.

Enjoy the long weekend. See you in April.

Cathy and Jasmine


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