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5-Day: Crazy Weather and Baby Birds

April has started off bringing crazy weather and baby birds. Monday began with visiting 3-Day's new baby chicks. We quietly peeked in at the incubator and checked out the eggs, then tiptoed over to the warm nest for them inside a box. The children loved hearing the little peeps and noticing how 2 chicks were yellow and 2 were black. After that, we learned more about colors from Steve the Scientist. He explored all the colors of the rainbow with us and demonstrated a cool experiment that showed all the colors that make up the color black.

Back in 5-Day, we discovered that birds have come to visit there, too. Blue jays and robins flew in over the weekend and the children have been making amazing nests in the block area for them. The children have been very busy learning about different types of clouds, especially wispy cirrus, puffy cumulous and thundering stratus. In extending our weather discussion, they discovered that some images are distinct to certain seasons, i.e. a swimming pool for summer, but some can be used in every season, i.e. an umbrella. At the art table, umbrellas were created complete with rain drops and windsocks with streamers. The children illustrated and wrote a favorite weather book to add to their class library, noted the differences between upper case R and lower case r while playing and acting out the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom story on our trees.

Math concepts were explored with new balancing scales, counting beads onto rainbows and graphing the temperature each day. It has been going up and down each day, but staying mostly cold.

On Monday, the class was rolling snow for a snowman. Tuesday and Thursday, we watched for clouds in the blue sky. On Wednesday , we played with 3-Day in the mist. And on Friday, it snowed again!

The children have been working very hard on their performance for next Wednesday. You will be amazed.

Have a great weekend.

Cathy and Jasmine

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