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Director's Column: Favorite Moments

Sorry everyone, I think last week I may have jinxed spring. Apparently we are not yet emerging from winter, as I had hoped! I spent some time in the classrooms this week. Here are some of my favorite moments: In Pre-K:

In the dramatic play area, Ben told Ella "I'm the dad, and I'm going to work." To which Ella replied "Well, I'm the mom, and I'M going to work!"

Logan and Stephen built a gigantic magnatile pizza oven, complete with pizza conveyer belt, then served cheese pizzas to the classroom.

When a classmate was feeling sad, the rest of Pre-K did silly dances until they were able to get her to smile.

The children squealed with delight when Sarah went to bring the chicks into the Pre-K classroom. Each child got a turn to hold a baby chick before they head back to the farm this weekend.

In 5-Day:

Andrew and James reminisced about a recent playdate while working to complete a puzzle together. Helena, making the most of a not-so-ideal spring, decided that "rainy" was her favorite type of weather. The children learned the electric slide, and got to dance along with their parents. We welcomed Eliza back!

In 3-Day:

Mia and Minna giggled over the incubator as they watched a chick hatching.

James sat on a wooden horse, wearing a cowboy hat, swinging a lasso, and smiling from ear to ear. At music, the children wore their sheep masks while singing "Baa Baa Black Sheep."

During lunch bunch the children were asked to stay in their seats as they ate lunch to jazz music. Kaia took her last bite, then asked "NOW can I dance?" Next week we have the New England Aquarium coming to visit us! I look forward to more memorable moments with all three classrooms. Best, Nina

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