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Pre-K: USA All the Way!

Social Studies: We are finally exploring our own neck of the woods, the United States of America! This week our studies have focused on familiarizing the students with the map, understanding that our country is made up of states, and our flag. To honor our country (and a little prep for elementary school life) we have been learning the Pledge of Allegiance, what we do to show respect while saying the pledge, and we even performed it at music. Throughout the week we had fun creating art pieces of our flag and being inspired by it. Students also worked on various map puzzles and have been working to color in their own U.S. map.

Literacy: This week's sound was -ch! We explored how -ch can be in the beginning and end of words through a variety of word building activities (-ch poems and -ch word chain making were the two hits). In addition, a variety of materials and activities were available that included -ch (chain link builders, a "beach" in the discovery table, etc).

Math: To keep with the USA and -ch theme, we introduced coins (or change). The week was spent identifying pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters through table activities and role play during group work times (buying eggs and chicks). The focus was identifying and naming the different coins rather than their value so role play sounded like, "that will cost 5 nickels and 2 dimes".

Chicks! How perfect is it that chicks happen to be in the building during -ch week!?! We have spent the past week observing them, recording our observations, checking in on them! Each student is also working on writing and illustrating a book about the stages of an egg. We ended the week with a special treat by bringing the chicks into our room to watch and hold!

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