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5-Day: A Busy Week

What an amazing week!

On Monday, we visited sea stars, clams, crabs and mussels from the aquarium. Helena even turned into a sea star to demonstrate how they eat. The class had a great time with the instructor, Meg. We began our coconut trees for art. We created the tree and leaves with our arms and hands. The sensory table became filled with birds, nests and eggs. Our dramatic play area was transformed into an ABC room with lots of exploration of letters through flannel, sandpaper and magnetic alphabets. We got outside but needed coats, hats and mittens.:)

Tuesday saw us playing a weather roll and graph game while Pre-K visited. Letters were added to our coconut tree by stamping. During meeting, the class played a guessing game with sand paper letters. Each child had a turn closing their eyes and tracing a letter with their finger. This is hard to do and required a great deal of concentration. They were very successful at it. We got outside but needed coats, hats and mittens. :(

Wednesday was our performance day! First, the class added a few coconuts to their tree with brown felt giving their art some depth. The children had a great time playing an ABC bingo game with both uppercase and lowercase letters. I am very impressed by how much they know. Tree shapes were placed at the art easel with another paper behind them. Once painted, and the tree shape removed, an outline was left of the shape. These are hanging on the bulletin board outside the classroom. Ms. Paula came to visit and enjoyed our 5 little ducks song. The last part of our day was the Chicka-Chicka Boom Boom play. Lots of applause for these wonderful kids.

On Thursday, the class began their spring mural by painting the background. They used green to make a grassy hill and blue to make a sky and pond. Seasons were explored through puzzles and creating your own picture with colored squares. PlayDough and plastic letters were set out so they could make each others' names. Finally, we added sand to the coconut trees for texture. They are also on our bulletin board. Please check them out. We went outside and needed coats, but no hats and mittens. :)

Friday was full of rainbow flowers, puffy clouds and fluttering butterflies. These were created at a creation station and then added to the mural. ABC ladybugs puzzles came by to visit for matching uppercase and lowercase letters. Magnifying lenses were added to our walking rainbows for a new way to explore. The children wrote and illustrated a favorite season book to add to their class library. We had a special snack with pretzels and apples that looked like coconut trees--thank you Alex and Kristie. We had a great time with Creative Movement outside with no coats!! :)

Have a wonderful April break.

Cathy and Jasmine

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