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5-Day: Busy with Visitors and Visiting

This week has been a whirlwind of activities. 5-Day has had many visits from community helpers and gone to visit helpers in the community. We have had a cellist, a flautist, a dentist and doctor share what they do and how they do it. The librarian, Jean, gave us a tour and read some fun books. Great Harvest bakery showed us the ingredients that make up their bread--flour: water, honey, salt and stinky yeast. Then we saw the huge ovens and watched them rotate the types of bread through.

The children had many wonderful questions and comments. Here are a few:

Helena-"Some music makes me cry."

Iris-"The violin has an E string."

James-"What's a cavity?"

Nora-"When I went to the dentist, they blew up the hand glove!"

Andrew-"How are mutans (bacteria) alive?"

Catherine-"There's honey in the bread."

Antonia-"The top of the wheat was really sticky."

Jack-"The yeast was really stinky."

Evan-"I liked the smell of the bread."

Selah-"One flour was hard (wheatberries) and one was fluffy."

Aria-"Doctors help people feel better."

Declan-"Doctors check your heartbeat."

Eliza-"How does your heart get clogged?"

Theo-"Baby Beluga is an animal song."

Noah-"I want to be a detective and find clues."

Grace-"Veterinarians take care of pets. Paws get fixed, too."

David-"As a policeman, I will help people and chase bad guys away."

We had a great week!

Thank you,

Cathy and Jasmine

#visitors #reading #books #baking #bread

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