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3-Day: Creepy Crawlers...

This week was the best start to spring ever! The beautiful weather allowed us to be outside more than usual, which we all loved. On Monday we strengthened fine motor skills by making popsicle stick caterpillars with colorful pom poms and googly eyes and by creating patterns with pop-ins. And the highlight of our day was that each child put a real live caterpillar into a little container with special caterpillar food after we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We talked about how caterpillars eat and eat before forming a cocoon or chrysalis, and then when they burst out they are beautiful butterflies. We will be observing our own caterpillars over the next few weeks as they grow, build cocoons and turn into butterflies, which we will release on the Bowen hill when they are ready. It is one of our most amazing units of the year. We are complimenting the metamorphosis with an author study of Eric Carle. He has written so many wonderful books for young children that it’s easy to come up with some really exciting and meaningful activities in the classroom to connect to his stories.

In addition to some little creeping caterpillars we got some wiggly worms for our 3-Day classroom. We were so lucky to have Melissa from Puddlestompers this week who just happens to be an expert on worms. MOST (but not all) of your children enjoyed gently handling these creatures in some potting soil at the discovery table.

Building on a conversation we heard two 3-Day friends having at snack, we asked the children what they’d like to be when they grow up. Here are their responses:

Mia: a mom

James: a teacher

Annabelle: a mermaid

Margot: bake everything

Nate: Batman

Camilia: an octopus

Marlo: take care of my stuffed animals

Minna: bake

Lucas: doctor

Wren: all the things, a fish

Robert: a soccer player

Caleb: go to Bruegers and eat a bagel whenever I want

Marie-Sophie: a starfish

Connor: a UPS truck driver

Alexander: Superman

Kaia: a superhero

Emily and I want to thank all of you for the beautiful and delicious lunch, all the kind words, pictures and cards. We felt truly appreciated Monday and every other day here at Bowen!

We also want to give a special shout out to all of you amazing moms out there!! Each one of us loves our children more than anything in the whole world. Emily and are so grateful that you share them with us and trust us to guide them along as little learners. Have a very special Mother’s Day.

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