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5-Day: Community Helpers

5-Day continued learning about community helpers this week, especially fire fighters. The children were surprised to learn there are fire boats. How can a boat catch on fire when it is surrounded by water? There was a lively discussion on this. They also learned there are helicopters that put out wild fires by dropping water from a bucket underneath. The class then created their own fire engine using 3 colors of tape and markers. They came out great. Please take a look at them inside the classroom.

Nora's mom, Sarah, talked with the children about being a nurse practitioner. The class discussed how to stay healthy by eating good food, getting a check-up, and exercising.

Mike Kelly came in to talk about being a blood doctor. He created "blood soup" with marshmallows (white blood cells), red candies (red blood cells) and purple sprinkles (platelets) which exist inside our blood. The children have been having a great time in the doctor's office inside dramatic play. We have had broken legs fixed with bandages, patients signed in, blood pressure checked and many shots given to keep us healthy. They had a great time singing dancing bones for Miss Paula and the Bowen classes, making skeletons and tracing x-rays.

Our Arboretum field trip started off cloudy, but ended up sunny. The class explored and found many interesting things--worms under logs, spiders, flowers, fish in the pond and a mama turtle and her babies. Thank you to all our chaperones for making this trip so successful.

The children have also been hard at work making special cards and presents for Mother's Day. Have a great day on Sunday!!

Thank you,

Cathy and Jasmine


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