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Director's Column: Thank You

This column is a big thank you to our community, and the parents who have come through in so many different ways over the past few weeks. Thank you all for donating your time and items to the yard sale. It was a beautiful day and you all made the day fun! Thank you to Elizabeth Boersma and Liz Cantwell, for serving on the hiring committee, and caring so much about making our school the best it can be. Thank you to Kate Nyquist, Rosa Clark, Daniel Messer, Ricardo Cortes, Anna Dalnes, Brandy Blakely, Sarah Hartford, Kristie Koppenheffer, Liz Seeley, and Mike Kelly who have come in to share what they do with the 5-Day class. You may have inspired a future doctor, musician, or writer, among others! Thank you to Stephanie Andersen, Cristina and Clem Bottino, Anthony Deighton, Allana Kelly, Amelia Oliver, Mike Pantina, Caroline Silva, Lindsey Valente, and Tiven Weinstock, who spent a Friday afternoon and evening hauling wood chips into the playground.

Thank you to all who cooked food, wrote notes, bought flowers, and set up a beautiful table for Teacher Appreciation week.

Last but not least, thank you to all the moms who certainly deserve to be pampered on Sunday. We see how much you do! Happy Mother’s Day!



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