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Pre-K: Animals and Japan

Kindness Project: To round out our rock work, we created "kindness rocks". These are inspirational rocks to help those who might need a little cheering up, a reminder, or encouragement. Friends spent the week thoughtfully creating these and are excited to spread their love to others!

Japan: For our final week of Japan we practiced writing our names in Japanese, created a beautiful Cherry tree, filled out our last passport entry, and taste tested sticky rice and udon noodles! We also learned about Children's Day, a holiday celebrated on May 5th. Carp is a symbol used to promote strength, courage, and hard work to children. Carp, as we learned, swim up stream against the current which takes strength and courage, thus representing the characteristics parents hope to instill in their children. Carp windsocks are hung everywhere during this holiday so we thought it would be fun to create our very own.

Literacy: We finished the alphabet with letters -z and -q! Our work also focused on syllables and sight words. We clapped out animal names to work on our syllables and did a "read it, make it, write it" activity to introduce sight words.

Other: For -z we had a lot of zoo animals to work with. Friends built zoos and sorted animals by land, air, water. For math, animals helped us with graphing activities and learning to count by two's. Jasmine and friends came to help us learn about theatre and opera by performing and doing some activities with us.

Our ladybug larva are still growing and we are anxiously awaiting for their transformation into pupas!

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