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3-Day: Outdoor Classroom

3-Day adapted exceptionally well to some some pretty big changes in our regular routine this week. On Monday we had outdoor classroom. It was a perfect day with lots of sunshine on the playground. We made a special meeting area on the ground and read a beautiful butterfly story called Waiting for Wings by Louise Ehlert. This story was a perfect compliment to the transformation of our chrysali to their new home, The Butterfly Habitat! Your children helped and observed the change their caterpillars made. Now we will wait for our butterflies to emerge.

Emily and I tried to make outdoor classroom include the same type of activities and experiences that we have inside our Bowen classroom. We set up rock painting at the activity table. The rocks took some time to dry so we left them up on the playground. We apologize for using permanent acrylic paint!

This time of year we are gently preparing the children for the end of the school year. Sometimes it's not easy to say goodbye to teachers, the school routines and special friends. Emily and I are encouraging your children to ask questions and reassure them that after summer they will begin a new journey in a new classroom or even a new school.

On Wednesday we took a field trip to 5-Day. Cathy and Jasmine invited us for some play time and a big 5-Day meeting. The children got to tour and explore the room, meet the 5-Day children and experience the life of a 5-Day student at Bowen. You would’ve been so proud of your children. We are most confident they are ready!

On Friday we had to take advantage another glorious day and had outdoor classroom again. This week focused on our names and the beginning letter/sound. Throughout the week children identified “their” special letter and looked for it around the school. We completed a couple activities where children has to locate their name and some were even able to identify the names of their friends as well! We painted our letter using finger paints and created a very cool piece of art! Next week we plan to construct our names letter by letter! As we learn to spell our name and memorize each letter we continue to grow in literacy. You may want to encourage your child to look for “their” letters at home and if they show interest in writing themselves, provide the paper and writing tool and let them explore! Also, if your child is not quite interested yet, please do not worry…. In time, it all comes together. Both Emily and I were amazed to see the growth our children from last year as we visited them in 5-Day!

We hope each of you have a wonderful holiday weekend spending time with family and friends as we kick off the summer season with a meaningful observance of Memorial Day on Monday. If the weather cooperates I attached a link with some fun ideas for you to try. It’s hard to believe we have only two days left. It’s bittersweet.

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