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Director's Column: A Good Husband

Next week we will be saying goodbye for this year to Paula, Coach Brian and Coach John. Your children have grown close to them, and we always send them off with a little thank you for all the fun they have brought us over the year. This year we did something special for Coach John, who will be getting married in a few weeks. We put together a book called "How to Be a Good Husband." The children were given the prompt "To be a good husband, you should..." Here are some of my favorite responses: Give flowers

Always be nice

Take care of the life

Give her a kiss and a hug

Make her coffee

Watch the sunset

Help take care of the babies

Be a tickle monster Listen when your wife is talking

Do not interrupt Love your wife

Be friends I think if he takes our advice, he will have a very happy marriage! Best, Nina

#paula #coachbrian #john #book #reading

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