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3-Day: See You Later Alligator...

Words cannot express the range of emotions experienced today. Watching your children grow and develop over the year has been such an amazing journey for Emily and me and we are so proud of them. We loved seeing your children’s enthusiasm and energy while they worked together this year, developing friendships that may last forever. They now demonstrate impressive levels of independence and they are ready to move forward!!

This has been a wonderful year full of positive social, emotional and cognitive experiences. Each of your lovely children touched us in a unique way and helped us grow as educators. We thank you so much for sharing them with us. Also, thank you so very much for the amazing cookbook. It was such a thoughtful and creative way for us to remember your children from years to come. Emily and I are always looking for new dinner (and dessert ideas) and you have broadened our horizon!!! We also appreciate all the sweet notes, pictures, flowers and treats!

3-Day had a very special surprise today. All of our butterflies emerged! We strapped on our butterfly wings and paraded around the 5-Day and Pre-K classrooms and headed outside to set our butterflies free. It was a beautiful celebration and your children were so gentle and sweet as they carefully guided them into their natural habitat.

We spent the last week of school talking about transitioning to June Bugs, new schools and the famous Bowen 5-Day. There was quite a range of feelings about moving to the BIG 5-Day room; today was just a day full of big feelings. Sometimes saying goodbye isn’t easy. We concluded the day reading the story we read on our very first day of 3-Day, The Kissing Hand, so our memories of 3-Day will stay close to our heart! Most importantly, Emily and I reminded them that every Wednesday we would get to sing with them With Ms. Paula!

We celebrated ALL the summer birthdays in 3-Day today at snack. We sang a big long birthday song to the children who may not get to celebrate during the school year.

Emily and I loved seeing you tonight. The kids talked about it all day!

Have a wonderful summer. We can’t wait to see our little “3-Dayers” emerge into BIG “5-Dayers”! Thank you again for sharing your fabulous children with us!

Love, Karen and Emily

#butterflies #junebugs #goodbye

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