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5-Day: Remembering A Wonderful Year

The end of the year is always bittersweet--- sadness at saying goodbye to friends, excitement at going on to something new and nervousness at the changes and uncertainty ahead. We talked about these changes in meetings as a group, exploring the children's next academic environment as a place with many of the same things as in 5-Day (thank you Noah Awad for helping us learn this). Also, as we read each book individually, which the children created all by themselves, they saw how much they have grown and that they are ready to move on.

Below are some of their favorite remembrances from 5-Day:

James--the igloo and painting


David--playing with my friends

Eliza--when we made snowglobes


Selah--playing in dramatic play


Andrew--playing with blocks

Nora--igloo, animals and snowglobes

Declan--playing with the magnet tiles



Antonia--dramatic play


Helena--the tent in the dramatic play


Iris--picking out animals for snowglobes

Dear parents, thank you for welcoming me to Bowen. It has been a great year spending each day with your children.


Cathy and Jasmine

Selah--playing in dramatic play

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