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Director's Column: Adapting to Change

We have finally reached the last day of school. This is always an emotional day. We are so proud of how much the children have learned and grown this year, but we are sad that we will have to say goodbye to so many families. Many of us will still be here next year, but it will be different. The children change, the parents change, the Board changes and we will say goodbye to a few teachers this year too. The amazing thing is, we will all adapt to the change. Your children will move on to 5-Day, Pre-K, or Kindergarten and learn to love their new teacher, make new friends, and feel happy and comfortable. The teachers will learn all about their new children; what kinds of stories they like, what activities make their eyes light up with excitement, what kind of learners they are, what makes each one of them special. We won't ever forget the children who have come through our classrooms, but we find a way to open our hearts to new children. Once again, I have to thank you for all your support this year. Four years ago, when I took on the role of Director, I was so concerned that I would make a mistake, forget something, or not know how to handle a situation. The previous director told me “Don’t worry. You have a lot of people helping you get through the year. And the parents here are very forgiving!” Each year has its own challenges, but year after year Bowen proves to be a community of people who truly care about the school, the teachers, and each other. Thank you for helping me through the year, and for being forgiving! I can't imagine a more supportive community, and I wouldn't want to work anywhere else. Best, Nina

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