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Pre-K: Mad, Sad, Glad

We ended our time together by saying a happy goodbye to our ladybugs, reminding the class that just as the ladybugs have grown and transformed, they too have grown and transformed and are now ready for a new adventure. The sweetest thing happened on Tuesday when we discovered our pupas in fact hatched and turned into ladybugs... I conducted a vote as to when we would want to release them. They unanimously voted that we wait until the last day of school because Stephen had not yet seen them transform and they wanted to let him see them.

While saying goodbye is hard and bittersweet, this year I do it with a giant, proud smile on my face because I know they are each truly ready to move onto elementary school.

Not only have they made amazing strides academically and physically but most impressively, socially and emotionally. They started the year as individuals but are leaving here as truly compassionate, thoughtful, and responsible citizens. Teachers always hope and work to make a difference on their students' lives, but no matter how well the lessons are taught and how often she reminds and reviews, it doesn't always turn out the way she thinks it will. We are beyond proud of what amazing little humans these guys are becoming and that is a result of their individual personalities but also a result of committed and loving families. So congratulations to all of you for doing such an amazing job raising these kiddos (you made my job easier!). Thank you so much for your endless support, and we wish you all the best as you start this next chapter.

Just look at all of the love!

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