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5-Day: Welcome!

We have had a wonderful beginning to 5-Day! Our phase-in days were very happy, greeting old friends and making new ones.

During our almost full first week of school, the children were curious about all areas of the classroom. An especially popular activity has been dramatic play. Kaia, James, Margot, Lucas and Wren were very busy creating amazing meals, cleaning and dressing in fun fashions.

Budding architects, mathematicians and construction managers kept the block section busy. Connor, Ashwin, Asher, Alex and Nate balanced, measured, shared and cooperated as their buildings grew up and out. The teachers were very impressed with how well they also cleaned up the blocks, matching their shapes on the shelves.

We have incredibly creative artists at the art/writing center. Mia, Caleb and Wilfie used tape, scissors, markers and stickers to design wonderful art pieces. Our bright orange playdough was popular with Madeline, Minna and Marlo, while Marie-Sophie explored

the discovery table and found many hidden gems.

Our art activities have focused on decorating the classroom with the children's own work. Next time you are in the classroom, please look at the Friendship Wreath they made, the growing tree of kindness, our mosaic name board, and the birthday bears.

During meetings, the children are quickly learning that whoever holds the sharing shell gets a turn to speak, but each of them will soon have a turn. Some of the books we have read at meeting are The Wheels on the Bus, Stick and Stone, Will I Have A Friend?, A Day in Nursery School and Shapes.

Looking forward to a fantastic year!!

Cathy and Kristi

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