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We are off to a great start! Your children are amazing. There are always a few tears and shaky goodbyes, but that is to be expected. And for those that have had seamless goodbyes, don't be surprised if a rough morning comes along. It's a big adjustment and it takes time to get into the swing of things! I was sitting with some moms in the big room Friday, and we saw the 3-day children head out to Creative Movement. We remarked how little they looked, and how it was hard to imagine that the “big kids” in 5-day were once that small. Indeed, the 5-day children look very much at home in their new classroom. They are getting accustomed to coming to school every day, signing themselves in, and learning new routines. In Pre-K, the children are making that classroom their own by brainstorming their own class rules, determining their class jobs, and decorating letters for the letter wall. We are so proud of what your children have accomplished in such a short time! As we get our children settled in to their school year, many in our community are just starting to look at preschools for their little ones. We will be at the Newtonville Village Day on Sunday, September 23rd. Stop by and say hi! We will also be hosting an Open House on Saturday, October 13th, from 10am-11am. Please help us spread the word about our wonderful little preschool!

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