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Director's Column: "Specials" Begin

Your children have been welcoming many visitors, as we began our "specials" here at Bowen! Coach Brian and Coach John have been coming to play games with us at Creative Movement on Fridays. This is always a highlight of the week! Ask your children about "fishy fishy cross my ocean", and the special piece of equipment that Coach John brought for us to play with. The children did such a great job listening and following directions this week, that John rewarded everyone with stamps on BOTH hands! Paula came on Wednesday for our weekly sing along. First, she taught the children the Good Morning song, which always signals the start of a fun and interactive half hour of singing. Then we sang some old favorites, like the Hokey Pokey, as well as some new songs. The children love preparing songs in the classrooms during the week to share at music time. Each class gets to give a special performance!

Melissa, our nature specialist from Puddlestompers will be visiting us on Monday to talk about reptiles, a subject that is sure to be popular. As the seasons change, Melissa will be guiding the children through hands-on activities that help them understand the natural world around them. Later this month we will meet our Storyteller, Priscilla. She has been reading to children for many years, and always seems to know exactly what kinds of books will engage the children and foster a love for books and literacy. You have probably started to hear about our first fundraising event, the Fall Fete. It is thanks to our fundraising that we are able to have these fantastic specialists at Bowen. This year our Fall Fete theme is "N'Oktoberfest"! Please mark your calendars, get your dirndls and lederhosen ready, book your sitters, and enjoy a fun evening out while supporting Bowen! Best, Nina

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