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5-Day: Apples and Autumn

The 5-Day class welcomed in October and we are thrilled about our many Fall classroom activities! The children have been very busy sorting, shopping, selling, and cooperating in dramatic play at our “Farmers' Market.” The discovery table is filled with natural objects to explore, including acorns we found on our playground. We have noticed the weather cooling down and have observed the leaves beginning to change.

This week we learned about apples in a variety of ways. We read several books about apples during our meetings. Miss Cathy helped us with a science experiment to find out what would happen to apples when they are placed in different liquids. Come visit our classroom to see our observations of apples in water, salt water, oil, vinegar, lemon juice, and air! Miss Kristi helped us with an apple taste-testing project. After sampling four kinds of apples, these are our favorites:

  • Red Delicious – Wilfie, Alexander, Lucas, Marie-Sophie, Mia

  • Granny Smith – Nate, Ashwin

  • Golden Delicious – James, Marlo, Kaia, Wren, Margot

  • Pink Lady – Madeline, Asher, Caleb

  • (Connor chose not to eat apples, and we missed Minna who was home!)

We did many creative art projects this week including apple prints and a group apple mural. At the math table, we created numerals with play dough and counted the corresponding number of pom-poms to place on apple trees. We played “apple race” and graphed how many times we spun red, green, and yellow apples. After choosing a number card, we placed the matching number of seeds on our apple mats.

At the literacy table, we began by tracing the letter A and the word APPLE in different sensory trays including rice, lentils, and sand. We loved learning an apple poem together called “Five Little Apples.” Next week we will share it with our friends during music:

Way up high in the apple tree

Five little apples smiled at me

I shook that tree as hard as I could

Down came the apples

Mmmm, were they good!

As a reminder, this coming Thursday, October 11, we will go on a nature walk and scavenger hunt near our school. We are excited to see what the children observe and discover!


Kristi and Cathy

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