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5-Day: Fall Fun with Summer Weather

This week, 5-Day continued delving into all things apples, but added some more fun Fall items. With scales, the children explored the concept of balance. They used apples, weights, blocks and bears to find ways to get even weights on both sides. As they worked together, we were pleased to see many cooperative attempts, the use of math language and much laughter. After our nature hunt, we added the pine cones and acorns that we found to the scales and put them in the discovery table to extend their learning through additional practice using different materials.

Combining literature and art, the class read Leaf Man, then created their own unique designs. Using leaves, sticks and acorns found on our hunt, each child made a wonderful piece of art.

The writing table continues to be very popular. This week, we saw children tracing squirrels, pumpkins and leaves to make their own books. Using ultraclean markers, the class traced the letters of the alphabet. It was wonderful to watch them make the connections between the letters in the names and the ones they were writing.

At another activity table, the class used their fine motor skills to cut out "things that grow outside" from supermarket flyers. One noteworthy statement overheard was, "Grapes grow outside, but cereal doesn't."

Our nature walk was very successful. The weather was still like summer, even though we saw signs of Fall. Along the way, we saw a butterfly/moth, pumpkins, colored leaves, Halloween decorations, flowers, bugs, and even a pumpkin growing on a vine! These finds are being incorporated into our curriculum to enrich each child's connections to nature and learning.

Invitations for special visitor day will be coming home this week. Each child decorated his/her own invitation and is very excited to come in on that day.

Important dates coming up:

Open House -- October 13

Special Visitor Day -- October 20

Fall Fête -- November 2

5-Day Fall Conferences -- November 15

Enjoy the weekend,

Cathy and Kristi

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