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3-Day: Short week, big fun!

We sure packed a lot into a short week here at Bowen! Your children are really enjoying the celebration of their favorite stories each day. Through this exploration, we are introducing kids to a variety of activities that develop a wide range of skills. As your children play in our classroom, we are continually checking in with each of them, asking questions, assessing and watching their small developmental leaps each day. We are so impressed with how your children have been able to sit and listen to a story, follow directions and internalize our classroom routines. Each day we marvel at how well they are playing and utilizing all areas of our classroom. Caroline and I introduced some classroom jobs this week, calendar and weather helpers. These jobs will change daily and everyone will have a turn to help us count the days of the calendar and tell us about the weather outside.

On Wednesday, we read Sam’s favorite story, Spooky Old Tree and we used sponges and Q-tips bundled together to create beautiful Autumn trees. You will find them displayed on our back wall. They look fantastic, each one unique and special. At our sensory table, we used real twigs mounted in playdoh to strengthen some fine motor skills with colorful smooth beads that your children placed carefully on each branch. We also transformed our discovery table into a creek full of rocks, bark and sticks with slithering snakes and frogs.

On Friday, we read Liam’s favorite story, In The Dark. Your children used spongy paint and brushes to create a black sky on blue and purple paper. While the paint was still wet, they sprinkled teeny tiny glitter to create magical-looking starry nights. In our discovery table, the children sifted and scooped through our night sky sensory materials. We talked about our imaginations and all the things that make nighttime NOT so scary.

We also decided that Friday was a good day to play some baseball inside our classroom! Coach Brian introduced us to the bases at creative movement and we just happened to have a bat and ball in our 3-Day room. Every child wanted a turn to hit the ball right off my hand and not one child missed (thank goodness)!

Each of you should have received a very special invitation in your child’s basket today. On Saturday, October 20th, from 9-10 am your child will choose a special visitor to accompany him or her to Bowen for some Saturday classroom fun! This special visitor can be a relative, babysitter or a special adult in your child’s life. It can also be an alternate parent who may not be able to participate in drop-offs. I will put a sign up outside our classroom next week so we can make some name tags for our special visitors.

Enjoy the weekend! We look forward to seeing you on Monday!

Karen and Caroline

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