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Director's Column: "There's always room for one more at Bowen!"

We welcomed a longtime Bowen friend back this week! Barbara Quebec, who taught in 5-Day for 37 years, returned to help out when Cathy and Kristi were out on Friday. Barbara taught my two daughters, and originated some of the phrases we still use today, such as "There's always room for one more at Bowen!" She knows pretty much anything and everything there is to know about children, and we are fortunate to have her as a resource. I look forward to having her back when the teachers are out doing conferences!

On Monday, we will welcome back another longtime Bowen friend, Priscilla Howland. Priscilla taught for many years in the 3-Day class, and was also Bowen's Director for seven years. Now, she comes to Bowen once a month to share her love for literacy with the children. With a mix of books, finger play, songs, and props, Priscilla keeps even the most wiggly children quiet and mesmerized. It is quite a talent and impressive to watch! Speaking of talented teachers, make sure you buy your raffle tickets to win a personal

afternoon with one of our amazing staff. Children only. :) A trip to Cabot's, cupcake baking, playdough making, and ice cream treats are just some of the fun things planned. Definitely worth the price of a raffle ticket! Best, Nina

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