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3-Day: Moving On...

The 3-Day class had a whirlwind of a week with Halloween falling right in the middle! It was so wonderful to see this year’s group outside picnicking and visiting together. Thank you for including Caroline and me! We loved seeing the children all dressed up in their costumes.

On Monday, we FINALLY wrapped up our favorite book unit by celebrating Luke’s favorite story Room on the Broom, which was a perfect segway into Halloween. Each child made a sparkly magic wand as the literacy connection to the story. We played with black nighttime playdoh with magical sparkles. The children also had fun sorting through the nighttime sky in the discovery table, scooping out stars and moons with tools to strengthen grip and hand-eye coordination.

Liam is our newest 3 year old! Happy birthday to him!

On Wednesday, we celebrated Halloween in our classroom. Our discovery table was filled with slimy spaghetti, eyeballs, snakes and spiders! It was a very popular station in our room. We painted jack-o'-lanterns at the easel. Each one is unique and special.

Our art table was filled with silly, spooky ghosts that we created with glue, cotton balls and googley-eyes! Caroline and I created some Halloween sensory bags and a fine motor spider catching activity. It was pretty tricky to use tongs to get the spider out from the web made of yarn, but many children enjoyed the challenge.

On Wednesday, we also said goodbye to Paula, our music teacher. She has been with Bowen for over 10 years and we were sad to see her go. Our class made a beautiful card for her and presented it to her after music class. We all blew her a great big goodbye kiss!

On Friday, we had a nice and easy transition day. Children enjoyed finger painting, kinetic sand, and peg board number counting. We had Creative Movement indoors, but we were able to sneak in a little playground time before the rain started to fall. The children did great with an expedited departure!

Thank you for signing up for conferences so quickly. I really look forward to meeting with each of you on the 14th. I will send each of you your child’s report prior to our meeting for your review. Caroline and I are really enjoying this class SO very much! Each of them is absolutely adorable and sweet and we are really loving getting to know them!

Please make sure you update your child’s extra clothing in their baskets. Often times things get messy or wet and we need to change clothing.

Next week we will begin a unit called "All About Me"! Be on the lookout for some exciting activities, literature, and songs we have planned for your children.

Hopefully everyone is looking forward to N’Oktoberfest tonight! See you there!

Karen and Caroline

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