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5-Day: Learning Together

This week we want to share with you a description of our classroom group times and how we learn together during these daily experiences.

Morning Meeting:

Each morning, after everyone has arrived, signed in, greeted teachers and friends, and begun to explore the classroom, we pause our activities and come together for a short time as a group. We welcome each other, identify missing friends, introduce the parent helper, and discuss our plans for the day. Often, we will take time to share comments and questions about whatever thoughts, news, or ideas may be on our minds! We may also read a story that relates to our curriculum and table activities.

This meeting is an important part of setting the stage for learning and play each day. Here, we draw the children's attention to the topics and ideas we are exploring. We provide guidance to support their play in classroom areas such as dramatic play, blocks and building, creative art, and math and literacy centers. Meeting together helps the class connect and unites the children as a group of friends with common goals. It is also a time for them to think about plans and make choices as they decide where and how to begin the day.

Calendar Meeting:

After our activity time and cooperative clean-up, we come together again for a longer period. During this meeting we complete our calendar and weather routines; share literature, songs, and fingerplays; participate in our 5-Day "Show Time"; and teach curriculum topics through games, visual aides, and discussion. These experiences provide many opportunities to focus on letter sounds and recognition, counting, sequencing, comparing/contrasting, and other foundational literacy and math concepts.

Our meeting is a critical component of promoting social development in the classroom. Each day the children are learning and practicing listening, speaking on topic, sharing, taking turns, problem solving, responding appropriately to others, speaking in front of a group, staying focused and on-task for an extended period of time, and communicating in positive and respectful ways.


Snack is another community-building experience as the children gather in a more casual setting where they are invited to converse freely while enjoying their food. Again, communication skills are strengthened as they share, pass items to their friends, wait patiently for a turn, and learn to interact in polite and kind ways.

Coming up:

We are looking forward to a new month! The children have begun sharing their favorite animals and have enjoyed telling facts and asking questions. We will transition our Fall curriculum themes to learning about animal habitats as well as hibernation, migration, and adaptation for animals that live in places with cold winter weather.

November 12 - No School (Veteran's Day)

November 15 - Fall Conferences

*Look for an email next week to schedule your conference time!

Have a great weekend,

Kristi and Cathy

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