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3-Day: All About ME!

This week in 3-Day we started a new unit, ALL ABOUT ME! Caroline and I introduced the unit to the children by reading some wonderful books: I Like Me, The Colors of Us and Our Eyes Help Us See. We discussed how we are all different, how we like different things, eat different things, wear different clothes and have different families.

Throughout the week, we focused specifically on our skin color, our eye color and how our hair is different. Sam reminded Caroline several times how much he LOVED her curly hair. We began a multi-step self portrait activity, which we will finish next week. Each one is unique and special, just like your amazing child.

We took 8 x 10 photographs of each of them and compared our facial features. We played some silly games and will have a mixed-up facial activity next week! We also started our eye color graph using these photos. Through this activity, we discovered that 3-Day has A LOT of blue-eyed children!

3-Day sang "Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes" and we taught the children a poem:

My hands are for clapping.

My arms hug tight.

My fingers can snap

or can turn out the light.

My legs are for jumping.

My eyes help me see.

This is my body,

and I love all of me!

On Wednesday, we met our new music teacher, Steve! Our class got our very own special music time with him and his guitar. We learned some new songs and moved our bodies to the music!

On Friday, 3-Day continued to work on our facial features, choosing some colored buttons for eyes and putting eyebrows on top. Next week, we plan to make our noses and our mouths. Your children learned all about the parts of the eye. We learned words like, "iris" and "pupil". We know that a pupil lets in the light for us to see! At table number three, we created the parts of the eye using playdoh, black beans and colorful circles.

We were lucky enough to get lots of playground time this week! Please remember to send in appropriate clothing labelled with your child's name. This makes getting dressed for outside time much easier. Also, if you have not updated your child's spare clothes, please do so, including socks! We can get pretty messy and pretty wet here in 3-Day! I look forward to meeting with you on Wednesday. I will send my write-ups out by Monday through GoogleDocs.

Lastly, Happy Birthday to Mae, our newest 3-year-old! We celebrated with yummy Autumn cupcakes, cheesy pretzels and clementines on Monday!

Have a great weekend!

Karen and Caroline

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