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Director's Column: Building Confidence and Enjoying Conferences

Conferences have started, and I have been reading through the reports the teachers have written about your children. What stands out the most to me is how well the teachers have gotten to know your children and the affection they feel for them. Each report paints a vivid picture of who your child is at this moment in time and what makes him or her special; it also contains our hopes for each child as the year progresses.

One parent who came in for a tour this past week asked me, "Is there a type of child that doesn't fit in with the school?" My answer to her is the same answer I give to all parents who are nervous about their child "fitting in". We want each child to feel valued and appreciated for exactly who they are. Every child in this school is working on something. Our goal is to help each child develop confidence in themselves: academically, socially, emotionally, and physically.

Even after a few short months, I can already see that confidence developing. Many of the 3-Day children who were so nervous those first few weeks are now saying goodbye without a backwards glance. When the 5-Day children have disputes with friends, they are coming to teachers for support less frequently, and working out their issues themselves. And, in Pre-K, ask a child, "Should I make it easy or do you want a challenge?" I guarantee they will enthusiastically ask for the challenge! Enjoy your conferences!


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