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3-Day: Head-to-Toe

It was wonderful to have a full week back at school! The 3-Day class spent the week learning about our bodies from head to toe! We added the final touches to our self portraits, which included colorful, straight, curly and bouncy hair on our heads. We have displayed them on the wall of our classroom and they look wonderful! Make sure you come in to take a peek and see if you can find your child.

Luke is our final 3-Day friend to turn 3! We celebrated his birthday with some yummy chocolate cupcakes with blue frosting. Caroline’s birthday was on Thursday, so we all sang happy birthday to her, too! She loved the beautiful flower arrangement and new classroom book!

We also continued working with our portrait photographs. On Monday, we constructed them together like a puzzle, using mirrors to help us put our faces together the way they belong. On Wednesday, though, we started with our own eyes and added our friend’s hair, and then picked a nose and mouth to create the silliest 3-Day class faces! These are on display outside our room for all to enjoy as they walk down the halls of Bowen.

We sang "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" very fast and we sang it slow. On Wednesday, we danced with Steve and the other classes of Bowen. It was great to see all of our friends and sing together. Steve told us some fun stories and we acted out jungle animals, repeated the beats and played pretend instruments using our mouths and hands. The children are really enjoying our new music program, thanks to your support!

On Friday, we moved on to our senses. We started by reading our new classroom story and explored each of the five senses. Children spent the morning using their eyes to see, ears to listen, and they smelled some familiar smells as well as some new ones. We touched a wide range of materials hidden inside balloons and guessed which material was in each balloon. We used our sense of touch to guess items inside mystery bags by touching, feeling and describing what our tiny fingers felt. Our ears listened to the bells taped to our paintbrushes as we painted a cooperative mural to the sound of our own music. We even used our sense of taste as we compared cookie flavors, licked salty pretzels and sweet strawberries with our taste buds at snack time!

Next week, we will move on to learning all about the people in our community. I have arranged for a very special visit from the Newton Fire Department on Monday with a bright red fire engine! Next Friday, we will meet Officer Dawn from the Newton Police Department. Caroline and I will transform our dramatic play area into a police and fire station. It will be an exciting week! Over the next two weeks, if any parent would like to volunteer to come in for a short 10 minute visit to teach us about your job, we'd love to have you! Just let me know via email.

This is a nice time to start pointing out important locations in our community while driving by the police or fire station, hospital, post office or library. It’s a great way to make connections with your child as well as to our unit in school.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Karen and Caroline

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