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Director's Column: Fun with "floam" and other recipes for home

I was in 3-day this week and got to play with "floam", a mixture of slime and foam beads. It is funny to watch children when they see these substances for the first time. Some love to jump right in with both hands; others want absolutely nothing to do with it … until they see how much fun their friends are having! Our extended day group has also been experimenting with different sensory materials and they are having a lot of messy fun. Most of these are easy to recreate at home; here are some recipes to try for yourself!

Gak (Slime):

Elmer’s Glue

Liquid Starch

Food Coloring

Mix food coloring in with 1 cup glue. Add liquid starch a few tablespoons at a time and stir. Then, knead until it becomes rubbery and not too sticky.

Cloud Dough:

Hair Conditioner


Mix 1 cup conditioner (we like Green Apple … it smells great!) and 2 cups cornstarch together. Knead until dough forms.

Sand Foam:

Sand Shaving Cream Fill a bucket or bowl or bin with sand and add a generous amount of shaving cream. Mix until light and fluffy and whipped, like foam. You can tweak the consistency by adding more shaving cream or more sand. Have fun!



#gak #clouddough #sandfoam #sensorymaterials

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