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3-Day: Community Helpers

3-Day is learning about our community. Each of us lives in a house, on a street, in a neighborhood, in a village, in a city called Newton. On Monday, we had a very special visit from Engine #4 from the Newton Fire Department. Three firefighters welcomed us into their truck and your children got to sit inside to investigate the equipment and supplies the firefighters use. We were so proud of how brave and respectful your children were as they were lifted into the fire truck! Not all of us wanted to go inside, but we all enjoyed the experience from the sidewalk.

On Monday, we also had a very fun visit from Puddlestompers. Melissa taught us about some outside animals and different types of claws, webbed feet and talons that each animal uses to survive and catch food. We played some fun games and caught some mice (pretend ones of course!) in the big room.

Our art activities this week included finger painting fire. These are displayed next to our fire station. We’ve been using our pretend fire hoses to put out lots of fires! We made torn paper stoplights with red, yellow and green paper. We also read some great stories about firefighters and police officers; Fire Truck, Clifford the Firehouse Dog and Fire Fighters. We talked about fire safety and dangers around the house. You may also hear your child ask you about a safe meeting spot outside your house in case of an emergency.

On Friday, we had a super busy day! Your children were amazing, handling several transitions and new experiences. Wolfie’s mom, Brooke read a special (and very silly) story about Hanukkah called, I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Dreidel. She turned our table 2 into a fresh vegetable latke station. As we cleaned up our room, she cooked them in the kitchen so we could enjoy the yummy latkes and applesauce for snack. MOST of your children tried them and loved them!

On Friday, Officer Dawn Fleming from the Newton Police Department came to visit. Children learned about calling 9-1-1 in an emergency. She spent time with the children, talking about rules that keep us safe and showed us all the important parts of her uniform.

We also sang a fun song:

I’m a police officer

With my star

I help people

Near and far

If you have a problem

Call on me

And I will be there

One, two, three!

Be on the lookout for a special invitation to our Holiday Singalong next week. We will be working on a special gift for families and will look forward to seeing everyone on Friday!

We hope you all have a great weekend. Stay warm!

Karen and Caroline

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