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Director’s Column: Gifts from the Heart

I’m always amazed at the creative ideas you come up with for the holiday teacher gifts, but this year I have to say the gifts were exceptionally touching. It is hard to take the time to truly appreciate them in the moment, in the midst of all the excitement in the classrooms. Now that I have had a moment to reflect on what you and your children have created, I am blown away! Thank you to the 3-Day children and parents, who created a truly exquisite and elegant garland from each child’s tiny hand. I plan to hang it in my office so that each child can come by and see how much they’ve grown as they move through the classrooms at Bowen. Thank you to the 5-Day children and parents, who have given me happy little flowerpots to brighten up my kitchen, not just with flowers and herbs, but with the children’s sweet, smiling faces. I think I am much better at helping children grow than plants, but I will do my best to care for my little herb garden! Thank you to the Pre-K children and parents, who gave me the most beautiful, colorful wreath, decorated with their kind words and photos. I know that this is the last year I will get to spend with these children, so it means so much to have this special keepsake to remember what an amazing group of children they are! Thank you all for being part of this community, and for all the support and love you give us in so many ways. Have a wonderful holiday, and we can’t wait to see you back at Bowen in January! Best, Nina

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