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Director's Column: "There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing."

This week we had some interesting weather, to say the least. It was difficult to get everyone outside, with the snow, ice, and rain. My good friend (and previous Bowen teacher and Director) Priscilla, stopped by on Friday and reminded me of one of her favorite Norwegian sayings, "There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing."

At Bowen, we make an effort to go outside every day, rain or shine. A few years ago it snowed so much that the playground was literally buried under 4 feet of snow. After a few weeks of being stuck inside, one Friday I sent out an SOS to the parents, asking them to come by on Saturday to help me dig out the playground. The next day, I had a dozen volunteers show up with shovels, making it possible for our children to get back outside. The only conditions that will keep us indoors are: pouring rain, dangerous winds, or temperatures below 20 degrees. Otherwise, assume we will go outside, and send your child with the appropriate clothing! Raincoats and boots, snowpants, hats and mittens ... if they are dressed properly, they don't care what the weather may be. On snowy days, we might even break out the sleds and slide down the Bowen hill. We may be off to a slow start this winter, but my guess is we've got some wintry, snowy days ahead. Make sure your children have the proper clothing so that we can enjoy those winter days outdoors!



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