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Director's Column: Transitioning to Kindergarten and How Bowen Can Help

I know it still seems far away, but September will be here before we know it, and many Bowen children will be heading off to Kindergarten. If your child turns 5 on or before August 31st, 2019, they are eligible to start Kindergarten this fall. You may have already received notification from your neighborhood's elementary school about the upcoming information night on Tuesday, February 26th, as well as a request to set up a screening appointment in March. You can also find all this information on the Newton Public Schools website at

At Bowen, we work to prepare children and their families for the adjustment to Kindergarten in many ways. Throughout the year, we are preparing them academically, socially and emotionally, and helping them develop their fine motor and gross motor skills, all to help them thrive in a larger classroom with a larger student/teacher ratio.

In addition, we work in conjunction with the elementary schools to help them with their screenings and placements. Over the next few months, the teachers will be doing mock screenings with the children going to Kindergarten, not to “prep” them, but to help them understand and become comfortable with the process. In addition, the teachers will be filling out Student Information Forms provided by Newton Public Schools, which will give the schools a more well-rounded picture of your child as well as information the teachers feel will help with the placement of your child.

We also help families by using our Bowen network to ease the transition to a new elementary school. We have both current and alumni family at nearly every elementary school in Newton who would be happy to serve as an “ambassador” for a new family trying to navigate that first year. Just ask; we’ll put you into contact with someone! Coming from a cooperative, our families tend to end up being very active on the PTOs … a great way to get involved, meet people and stay informed about what is going on at your school.

Although the process and transition may seem daunting now, rest assured that, when the time comes, you and your child will be ready!



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