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Pre-K: Leo Lionni and Jacob Lawrence

"Ll" Week

Language and Literacy

This week was our first big author study! We explored the books of Leo Lionni, including Swimmy, Frederick and Pezzettino. We sent home two of the beautiful projects your children did, with a more detailed explanation of their work. Haley’s mom Lauren also read Book Fiesta, and led us through some yoga, based on the pictures in the book.

Math and Science

In addition to our "fishy math" based on Lionni’s Swimmy, in which we did some basic addition and subtraction, we also added and subtracted ladybug spots on giant ladybugs. We also challenged Pre-K to build structures, using only a specified number of legos. They were so creative! Martine led your scientists in an experiment on light, and they tested different objects to determine whether they were translucent, transparent or opaque.

Building Area and Dramatic Play

Our building area started with a loom this week, and children learned about weaving around and in front! Later in the week we removed the loom and added Lincoln Logs, which the children loved! Dramatic Play was a library the entire week, and it was so much fun watching children read together.


In addition to our time with Steve each week, Martine and I try to play music in the classroom that has something in common with our letter/sound of the week. In past weeks we have listened to a classical composers like Beethoven and Mozart. We’ve also had Norah Jones and U2 playing in the background, and this week included Leon Bridges. Let us know if you have any favorite singers/composers you would love to hear in Pre-K.


In addition to our Leo Lionni author study, Pre-K also learned about the paintings of Jacob Lawrence. In particular, we looked at his paintings of Harlem in New York City. On Day 1, we used gesso to seal our wooden panels. On Day 2, we sketched our houses and/or neighborhoods with special artist’s lead. And, on Day 3, after talking about the colors Lawrence used, we painted our panels using that palette. Please take a look at our bulletin board!

Thank you, again, to Lauren for our book and yoga retreat, and have a wonderful weekend!

Emily and Martine

Books included:

Book Fiesta




Pictures and an excerpt from Story Painter: The Life of Jacob Lawrence

Pictures from Painting Harlem Modern: The Art of Jacob Lawrence

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