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3-Day: Winter Wonderland

3-Day welcomed winter into our classroom! We turned our dramatic play area into a winter wonderland with an ice skating rink surrounded by fluffy white snow and icicles everywhere! The children frolicked in the snow, skated on the rink in their socks and tossed snow into the air. They did such a great job respecting the rules and worked hard to have a “safe body”. We talk about what a safe body looks like and your children can tell you that a safe body means hands to yourself and feet on the floor, while respecting the space around you.

We explored lots of snowy sensory materials this week. We used synthetic snow in the discovery table which felt like REAL snow!!! The kids scooped and dumped snow on Monday and Wednesday, but on Friday we added some frozen colorful ice and they watched the colors melt.

We also made snowy, sparkly playdoh and a material made from baking soda and conditioner, which we added blue glitter to, for more snowy sensory play! On Friday, we added cornstarch to shaving cream to create yet another snowy material. Your children are getting much braver and more willing to get their hands into the materials!

Our wintery art projects are displayed throughout our classroom. Please make sure you come in to take a peek! The children combined wintery colored paints and epsom salt to create beautiful winter storms. On Wednesday, after reading My Friend the Snowman, we made a melted snowman piece of art. They are the cutest! On Friday, we painted with popsicles! These pops look quite real, but we used a popsicle mold and filled it with watercolor paints. Several children had to refrain from putting the colorful pop to their mouths!

During our 3-Day meeting time we chose a child each day to help us with the calendar and the weather. The kids eagerly await to be chosen for the special jobs! Your boys and girls have been doing a terrific job leading us in song to the days of the week. I’m sure you’ve heard them singing it at home. Today, we talked about the wintery month of February and learned a silly way to remember the name of the month, Feb(YOU)ary! We also encouraged children to put some water outside after school on Friday to observe how the below average temperatures make the water turn to ice.

We will continue our study of winter next week, as we look at animals in winter. We have lots of fun activities in store. Please make sure you empty your child’s basket and remember appropriate clothing for going outside (weather permitting) Monday and Wednesday.

As the Valentine holiday approaches, we want to tell you how excited we are to celebrate special visitors with Creative Movement Day on February 15th. We are making some special Valentines for you!! 3-Day children typically do not deliver classroom Valentines; although, if you would like to make Valentines with your children and deliver them, we ask that you use the blue baskets in the hallway or deliver them after school.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Karen and Caroline

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